digital disko: the good, the deep, and the funky

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April 5, 2009 by DJ Elroy


Denver hero Digital Disko ( has a brand new mix series out this month, and it’s available on the Digital Dancefloor as a free download… Lots of killer funky and jackin’ house in here.

Gotta love it!

1:Buck Naked “Just Bidness” – Guess Who
2:Jacob London “The Casino Squirrels and the Lounge Shooter” – Utensil
3:Biboulakis “Reason or Passion” – Tight
4:Jorge Watts “Up to the Sky” (Dj Sneak) – 1200traxx
5:Bass Experiment “Sick Note” – Head Tunes
6:Arco “Got It” – Flapjack
7:KB Swing “Klets” – Homeschooled
8:Scrubfish & Laurence “People Like We” – Guesthouse
9:Scrubfish & Laurence “Pocket Jazz”- Guesthouse
10:U-clique “Believe It” – Footwear
11:Roshan “IOU” – Homeschooled
12:Rambone Sold “Hey Mr. BJ” – Guess Who
13:TBF “Sandman” – Homeschooled
14:??? – ???
15:The Littlemen “Caught Out” – Mobile Trax

Click Below To Stream!

Click Below To Download!…house/download

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