joris voorn: balance 014 (review)

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April 7, 2009 by DJ Elroy

Release Date: Today!


Courtesy of Balance Recordings

words by DJElroy~

Ah, Spring. A time for new beginnings — new clothes, new relationships… and new music? One of the most talked-about releases this season is Joris Voorn’s Balance 014 (EQ Recordings), and after a month-long delay it’s finally here! This is truly an epic journey – nay, an evolution – of sound. The mix “achieves the rare feat of combining variety and consistency, making it perfect for trainspotters and dancers alike.”

Although Voorn has been working as a DJ/Producer for over a dozen years, his name is still relatively unknown here in the States. His first Balance offering will undoubtedly elevate him to world-player status. “The process of making these mixes has been more like painting with sound rather than performing a traditional DJ [compilation],” he explains.

This double-disc set is a beautiful work of art. Like a fine tapestry, it’s been carefully woven together with the highest quality music. What separates it from other mix compilations is the fact that Joris skillfully blends the fibers of several songs into one track before mixing them seamlessly into each other to form his masterpiece. Indeed, there are over 100 songs tied into this collage of sound, intricately layered and subtly structured. “The tracks change quickly and quietly, but the groove stays and the beat goes on and on.” You’ll hear tracks and remixes from Radiohead, Minilogue, Goldie, Tiger Stripes, Aphex Twin, Len Faki and many, many more.

The Mizurio mix brings a chill blend of tech-house, minimal, and electronic music and is more relaxing than a handful of ‘ludes on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a consistent ride from beginning to end with unique twists and surprising turns along the way. The Midori mix is more experimental than a college freshman trying to find herself; you get everything from instrumentals to left-field vibes to patches of ambiance laid over downtempo breaks and minimal simplicity.

Balance 014 is unlike any mix compilation and fans of the series will appreciate the beautifully eclectic collection of music, the innovative blends and the superb technical skills this set presents. However, if you’re looking for something loud and energetic, you’ll need to get it elsewhere. This set has got a sophisticated groove and the entire concept may be a bit too forward-thinking for mainstream listeners. That said, this release gets my recommendation for anyone wanting fresh ideas and quality music.

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