steve bug: two of a kind

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April 17, 2009 by DJ Elroy


Courtesy of Poker Flat

Poker Flat owner and visionary DJ & producer Steve Bug recently celebrated the 10th anniversary and 100th release for the label. Continuing this buzz, and as always, confirming his rightful place at the top, Steve is now gearing up to release his fourt h full artist album. The ‚Two of a Kind‘ EP is a teaser of things to come as the long player drops in a few months time, and what a teaser it is!

Once again joining forces with long-time compadre , of fame, the pair whip up a deep storm, resulting in the solemn midnight swagger of ‚Month of Sip‘. Working solo on the B-side, and in-all-out-classic Bug mode, Steve builds perhaps his most drifting, euphoric vision of modern house music to date.

Steve Bug”s new artist album “Collaboratory” to be released mid of june on Poker Flat – more infos on this very soon!

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