djelroy: skool of hard knocks 2009

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April 17, 2009 by DJ Elroy


I did this one for NYE but  it rocks just as hard now as it did then… It’s just what you need to kick off a weekend of debauchery. A bangin’ blend of housey electro, techy, acidy, fidget and more!

Bang It!

1:Jack Got Jacked (orig) _ AC Slater
2:Fucker Day (orig) _ Kimen
3:Stick Em (TJR rmx) _ Donald Glaude & DJ Dan
4:Fuckin’ Robotz (Elroy’s Wild-Wild mash) _ Fatnatikz
5:One Drink (vocal mix) _ Gramatik
6:Flashback (orig) _ Wolfgang Gartner
7:Superstar Break (Twocker’s Funk This rmx) _ Electro F
8:Bring it Back (Gramatik mix) _ Fatnatikz
9:System Banger (orig) _ Von UKUF
10:Community Funk (Deadmau5 rmx) _ Burufunk
11:This is Sick (orig) _ Solid Groove
12:Lover’s Break (orig) _ DJ Kue
13:Drone (orig) _ Vast Vision pres Ahmose

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