steve porter: the control ep

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April 30, 2009 by DJ Elroy


Courtesy of PH Recordings

words by DJElroy~

Boston house hero Steve Porter takes charge with The Control EP (PH Recordings) and once again shows the world why he’s one of the new generation’s top jocks. This release is five sinfully delicious cuts of cross-genre breeding marinated with that unmistakable Porterhouse flavor.

Title track “Control” is a crunchy electro-house banger with an epic build and peak-hour energy. It’s driving hook will snag your ears and keep your feet groovin’ on the dancefloor. A subtle lyrical chorus adds a touch of humanity to the findmuck of grinding synths and whomping basslines.

The “Control” dub mix  follows the same formula as the original, minus the chorus vocals. The attitude is a bit deeper, the mood a touch heavier, and the swoops and drops more pronounced.

“Don’t Be Afrayed” brings Porter’s signature house/breaks hybrid with big kicks and funky undertones. There is a decidedly trancey vibe complete with chimes and a fluffy ambience that had me reaching for the glowsticks. Angelic voices tie the track together and make this the perfect track to give your set some diversity.

“Fake It” opens up with some soft drums and tinkling keys with a disembodied “fake it” sample woven into the beats. With a standard track build the song drops into the heavy kicks, groovin’ bass, and catchy electro-house riff right when you’d expect it.

“Rizer” is just what the name implies. Expect extended build-ups with some sinister twists and turns. The track has an almost melancholy minimal-tech vibe with heavy keys and a vocoded “rise” sample built in. A great track to build into some peak-hour mayham.

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