paul albert: swede (review)

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May 31, 2009 by DJ Elroy

Courtesy of Freaks Culture Records

Courtesy of Freaks Culture Records

words by DJElroy~ (featured on

London based DJ/Producer Paul Albert’s “Swede” is a tech-house rocker that’s more bangin’ than a college dorm room headboard. Each of the four mixes has a unique attitude and sound to cover any situation; from a warm-up slow burn to a peak-hour mayhem maker.

The Original stays true to the tech-house structure, offering a long mix-in and slow build with straight kicks and percussion. A deep “swede” vocal sample drops in each time a new layer is added and the track eventually fills out with the various blips and bleeps that push it into the “tech” category. This rolls in a nice breakdown before the fun picks back up with synthy siren whoops like the mating call of some unknown digital creature. The high point is the “bomb shelter” breakdown nearly 5 1/2 minutes into the track while the excitement carries through to the outro. Perhaps the overall vibe and energy could have benefited by dropping the second break sooner, but Paul’s debut on the label still scores some big points.

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