dave seaman: audio therapy 2

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June 11, 2009 by DJ Elroy

Release Date: July 6, 2009

Courtesy of Audio Therapy

Courtesy of Audio Therapy

To celebrate their tenth year in the business and over 100 releases now firmly under their belt, Audio Therapy thought it high time they celebrated this momentous occasion with ‘This Is Audio Therapy Volume 2’; a collection of some of their finest works, all of which have been deftly remixed by some of today’s finest production talent.

The album is spread across two discs including exclusive full length reworks of classic Audio Therapy tracks from Infusion’s ‘Legacy’ , Habersham’s ‘Dryspell’ and Nick Muir’s ‘G Platz’. Disc 1 is expertly mixed by label head-honcho Dave Seaman, and because Audio Therapy are so damn nice, they have served up a bonus unmixed version with the tracks in their entirety. This release sets out to showcase the wealth and talent of the label’s esteemed catalogue, all of which have been diligently and painstakingly updated by the likes of Funkagenda, Guy J, Robert Babicz, Pig & Dan, Quivver, Charlie May, Gusgus, Glenn Morrison, Eelke Kleijn, Simon & Shaker to name but a few.

The tracklisting over both CD’s is second to none and is bolstered even further by the addition of 2 totally exclusive tracks from Dave Seaman himself, one of which is a collaboration with legendary producer Josh Gabriel and the other being an unreleased remix of his own much lauded single ‘Gobbledygook’.

Dave Seaman says, “We’ve breathed new life into a catalogue we’re very proud of and can only hope that the listening experience matches the enjoyment we had putting the whole project together. It’s been one helluva ride. Here’s to the next ten years. Acid house is dead, long live acid house.”

Along with the double CD release, there will also be a full digital release in bundle and single format as well as a Limited Edition Vinyl run with some of the releases highlights.

Glenn Morrison – Orange Glow (CM Dub Edit)
Guy J & Roy Brizman – Avant-Garde (Kim Fai Remix)
Eelke Kleijn – It All Comes Together (Fiord Remix)
Erphun – Pesadilla Hermosa (Dibby Dougherty Remix)
Oliver Moldan – Club 69 (Dibby Dougherty Remix)
Infusion – Legacy (Simon & Shaker Remix)
Habersham – Dry Spell (Manuel Sofia’s Deeply Quantized Remix)
Nick Muir – G Platz (James Harcourt Remix)
Erphun – 2wo Butterflies (Quivver Remix)
Lewie Day – Striptease (M.O.D.E. Remix)
Dubfunk – Mandala (Federico Epis Remix)
Dave Seaman & Josh Gabriel – Hayaah
Dave Seaman – Gobbledygook (Funkagenda Repulse Mix)
Couture Featuring Rachelle – Afterglow (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Dave Seaman – Gobbledygook (Erphun Remix)
MOS – Emotional Distortion (Habersham’s Megladon Remix)
Paul Jackson – Souls (Gusgus Remix)
Glenn Morrison – Orange Glow (Robert Babicz Spaceship Remix)
Solaris Heights – Rekollection (Kazell’s Influx Audio Dub)
Federico Epis – Brasilia (Dubfunk Melbourne’s Remix)
Erphun – Pesadilla Hermosa (Pig & Dan Summershine Remix)
Attic Feat. Julie Thompson – Last Goodbye (Randall Jones Remix)
Angelfreq – Nothing At All (Paul Thomas & Myke Smith Remix)
Red Jackson – Coming Clean (Paul Keeley Remix)

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