yousef: scars and situations (review)

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June 15, 2009 by DJ Elroy

Courtesy of Circus

Courtesy of Circus

words by DJElroy~ (featured on

“A Collection of Scars and Situations” is the bold musical autobiography of Liverpool’s infamous DJ/Producer Yousef. This debut artist album is an un-mixed collection of jams, 12 situations full of emotion and energy. “I work in an industry where we are born to be creative and eccentric and musically diverse,” he explains, and clearly his versatility as a producer is matched only by his artistic visions.

Each of the dozen songs is as rich as the real-life situations they were inspired by. All have something to offer, and the disc succeeds as both an artist album and a dance compilation. While each song has a unique sound and story to tell, the album has a decidedly techno/tribal/housey vibe and could properly fit under any of the three labels. Or maybe not. “I’m told that my music does not fall into any electronic category,” Yousef says. “Maybe this is because my music is never aimed anywhere or at anyone. Producing this way is natural and hugely rewarding for me.”

Check out the FULL REVIEW HERE!

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