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June 17, 2009 by DJ Elroy

Courtesy of Renaissance

Courtesy of Renaissance

LISTEN TO A SAMPLE OF THIS HERE! (Courtesy of Renaissance)

The tracks on my new Sidtracked comp’ encapsulate special moments for me; it’s one of those albums, which as a DJ, is rooted in fun memories, each song having its own special significance attached to it. So, one moment you might imagine me sitting on top of a speaker at a 90’s warehouse party with legs dangling and fist in the air, or another in a various state of undress dancing in my living room (daydream at your own risk…).

Before I go on to discuss the album as a whole, I want to let you know this blog links to a 20 minute clip of the album (above), which is both a snapshot to give you a little musical taste and something to listen you as you read on below…

I didn’t want to do something that demonstrated my love of either house or disco, I really wanted to feature both. Over the past year I have been spinning a lot of early 90’s stuff that playfully reworks disco songs; not so much re-edits, but rather original songs using samples. For example, I might be playing techno but you could hear Rockers Revenge in the mix, or Jimmy Bo Horne, or First Choice. This technique was the primary influence on how I approached the compilation.

I also wanted to include some music that I truly enjoy listening to outside of the dance floor. Records that have directly influenced my own song-writing process, such as Dr. Buzzard’’s and Ray Martinez, which made it onto the tracklist, as did the easy listening disco of Gino Soccio and the Rainbow Team who provide a wonderfully soulful finale.

Infact, music from across the western hemisphere is represented throughout the mix. A lot is culled from a time when Detroit and Chicago’s influences resonated around the world, from the ‘EuroJack’ of WestBam and Fax Yourself to the ‘SanTranceDisco’ of Dubwise and Studio X. These are all songs that have contributed to my own musical story.

I also included a couple of songs from artists and friends I am inspired by today. In Flagranti are dancefloor visionaries who I have long been a fan of, so I snagged one of my favourites from their new album. Daniel Wang is another artist that I have been keenly aware of since my younger years. I appealed to him to provide something special for this record, and he kindly obliged, which I am most thankful for! Both of these artists are rooted in the consciousness of dance music’s past, yet to my mind they seem armed and ready to forge ahead in ways that are still light-years beyond their present peers – I can never wait to hear new material from them!

And then, of course, there is New York. The new Hercules track counts as an NY bit I guess, plus Todd Terry shows up twice, both as himself and Sax, one of his many pseudonyms. His rough style of pop house remains one of my favourite to dance to.

Lastly I wanted to include my friends, who always ‘bring the party’. We get a bit of banter from each of them woven into the mix, which includes current singers, Aerea Negrot, Shawn and Kim Ann; Shayne Oliver, my aesthetic right hand man and dancer extraordinaire, plus there is even a word from legend Bobby Viteritti who has become an ally and huge inspiration over the past year (during his vox pop I had him comment directly on some of his own work).

So, enjoy, pre-order the album and feel free to go create your own memories…

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