Paolo Mojo: OOSH014

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June 26, 2009 by DJ Elroy

Courtesy of myspace/paolomojo

Courtesy of myspace/paolomojo

One of my favorite DJ/Producers, check out the new EP from Paolo Mojo!

Howard’s House – Howards House is simply a beast. only in the hands of John Digweed so far who simply commented ‘this went right off’… it picks up where  Deus ex Machina and Lauda left off, taking the driving tribal rhythms of the earlier tracks to their logical conclusion via one of the most twisted riffs you’ll hear all year. Paolo winds it up and lets it go… once twice three times, simply enormous.
Oscillate is an exploration of ingenious dynamics and processing. cleverly using a simple sustained note on two synths and adding various whacked out drum loops, Paolo makes it sound like a mad electronic orchestra while never losing the funky latin rhythms. Oscillate is a real, distinctive head twister without resorting to obvious gimmicks, class.

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