DSM: Boosted

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July 25, 2009 by DJ Elroy

01 – Illusion – Castlevania
02 – Electrobank – Santa Claustrophobia (Z-Listers Unrepentant Remix)
03 – A2B – Coming In
04 – Uppermost – We Rock
05 – Mike Cortez & Poldee pres. Livin So Fast – Dead Body (Jonathan Landossa Remix)
06 – Jaksaw – You’re Gonna Dig This
07 – MIC Perri – Got Me Freakin’ Out (Defunct! Dub Mix)
08 – Hot Laundry – Green on the Scene (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix)
09 – Geoff K – Noodles & Disco balls (Ananlogue Mix)
10 – Tim Healey, Marc Adamo – Ghetto Blaster (Hatiras Remix)
11 – Rico Tubbs – Hip Rave Anthem
12 – DJ Robopunk – Game Over
13 – Jon-E Industry – Keep It Gangster
14 – Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Calvertron Remix)

“It was one of those things you don’t really miss until it’s gone. I got my first taste of electronic music while living in Europe but never thought much of it until  after moving to the States. Over there dance music is so widespread it has become a part of the culture. Over here? Not so much. I immediately realized the impact the music had on me, but getting back in touch wasn’t easy. I dug through the import sections at the music shops (this was in the days before internet and before record stores even had an “electronica” section), and took what I could find, which wasn’t much at all. I was starting to wonder if anyone else over here was interested in dance music when a kid at school asked me about it… I guess he’d heard about my love through the grapevine (maybe this is what they mean by fate?). We talked about different DJs for a while and he invited me to an underground event in a downtown Denver warehouse. The music; the people; the vibe.

“Life for me hasn’t been the same since.”

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Photo by DJElroy

Photo by DJElroy




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