DJ Mag Dismiss ‘Don’t Vote For Me’ DJ

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August 28, 2009 by DJ Elroy

DJ Magazine Dismiss ‘Don’t Vote For Me’ DJ

Reported by Charlie Gardner on August 28, 2009~

Ricky Stone’s decision to circulate a ‘don’t vote for me’ in DJ Magazine’s latest annual Top 100 DJ poll, prompted a furious response from magazine chief Lesley Wright this week, who accused the Hong Kong star of ‘running out of ideas’,

“Ricky Stone is nothing more than a hypocrite,” she stormed, “His ‘don’t vote for me’ campaign is the most laughable U-turn I’ve ever come across in the history of the Top 100 DJs poll.”

The notoriously feisty editor took particular exception to Ricky’s comment ‘we do not believe in this list – it means nothing’ as well as suggestions he made to Skrufff that the list is in reality a poll of ‘who has the best marketing team’.

“For him to suggest that the poll is simply constructed on who has the best marketing team is most certainly a case of pot-kettle-black. I’ve never known anyone to embark on such intense marketing campaigns as Stone,” she told Skrufff.

“It’s a bit rich for Ricky to stick the boot into the Top 100 after he’s marketed himself as ‘Asia’s No.1 DJ’ since he first appeared in it,” she added, “There’s no doubt he’s gained more gigs and had his bank balance fattened by his position in previous polls.”

“For the record, only two out of last year’s Top 20 had what you might call a concentrated marketing campaign. The majority of DJs in the poll simply ping out ‘vote for me’ reminders to their database,” Lesley added.

“Who knows, maybe Stone has run out of ideas this year. Or maybe he fears that his position will drop so dramatically that he’s already dressing it up to avoid embarrassment,” she concluded, “Did I mention that the security measures to stop rogue votes getting through are the tightest they’ve ever been? Ricky Stone’s outburst has simply made him a laughing stock within the dance community,” she claimed. (DJ Mag Top 100 Poll powered by vote for your favourite DJs (NOT Ricky Stone!) here)


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