Hoxton Whores Charts (08/28/09)

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August 28, 2009 by DJ Elroy


courtesy of stealth-records.com

This weeks top 10 is done by no other than Hoxton Whores.

1: Hoxton Whores – Friday Saturday Love (Hoxton Whores 2009 Remix) CDR
2: Kevin Andrews – Hold That Sucker Down (Felix Baumgartner Remix) World Sound Recordings
3: Hoxton Whores – Vicious Fever (Original) Hoxton Whores Records
4: Felix Baumgartner – The Tunnel (Original) RefraKt Records
5: Jason Chance – The Beginning (Hoxton Whores Remix) Stealth
6: Cirez D – On Off (Original) Mouseville
7: Hoxton Whores – Staunch (Original) Star 69
8: Kevin Andrews – Spectrum Z (Kris James & Rosie Romero) World Sound Recordings
9: Muzzaik – Going Underground (Original) Stealth
10: Ruff Driverz presents Arrola – Dreaming (Hoxton Whores Remix) Newstate




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