D.Ramirez: August Promo Mix

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August 31, 2009 by DJ Elroy

And the winner is...

And the winner is...

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for all your support, its been a great year with some amazing gigs. I’ve too many favourites to name them all but off the top of my head Vanguard in LA, this is London Toronto, Sankeys Manchester & some of the Global Gatherings have stood out. I’ve a lot of new music which I’m excited about you all hearing and I’ve uploaded a new dj mix which is free to download to members at http://www.dramirez.co.uk. It features brand new tracks hot off the press including the new single ‘Satur8’ (The Jamie Stevens Tech Dub and the Original mix) a brand new remix of Max Linens ‘The Soulshaker’ and a cheeky bootleg of one of D. Ramirez’s favorite all time records ‘She’s Lost Control’ by Joy Division. I hope you enjoy listening.
It’s also that time of year when everyones voting for the DJ Mag top 100. Some of my favourite DJs this year have to include Audiofly, Jamie Stevens & Paul Woolford, if you’ve come and seen me and enjoyed the night then feel free to vote for me http://www.top100djs.net/

Look forward to seeing you out soon,

D.Ramirez: August Promo Mix

1- D.Ramirez – ‘Satur8′ (Jamie Stevens Tech Dub)
2- Julian Chaptal – ‘Mamdaye’
3 – Cozzy D – ‘Longtime’
4 – Ramirez and Tolfrey – ‘Bounce To Me’
5 – Twotrups – ‘That Cello Track’ (Namito Cello Kebab Remix)
6 – Max Linen – ‘The Soulshaker’ (D.Ramirez 2009 Remix)
7 – Reset Robot – ‘Do The Slot’
8 – Dave Seaman – ‘Attack Of The Abalones’
9 – Freakx Brothers – ‘Ghettoblaster’ (Tony Gomez Dubblaster Mix)
10 – D.Ramirez, Mark Knight & Underworld – Downpipe
11 – D.Ramirez vs. Joy Division – ‘Control’
12 – D.Ramirez – ‘Satur8′ (Original Mix)



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