Robytek: Tribute To E2-E4

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November 22, 2009 by DJ Elroy

Robytek: Tribute To E2-E4 (Sueno Latino)

Robytek is a DJ / producer who needs little introduction. His prolific output over recent years has seen him release on Mazoom, Misfit and Rebirth. Now, for his first project with Renaissance he takes on a mighty challenge, re-imagining Manuel Gottshings seminal E2-E4 (better known to most of us as Sueno Latino) for the modern day.

Coming as two versions Tribute takes the classic signature riffs of Sueno the rolling hook, arpegiated melody and instantly recognisable piano stabs and blends them with contemporary production technique to dazzling effect. Twisted FX, wobbly bass and precise, tech-house percussion provide a perfect, updated foundation to re-present the track.

The second mix sees Roby hook-up with frequent collaborator and Rebirth Records label boss Shield. The pair take things on a more tribal (in the modern sense of the word) direction, bringing the piano element forward in the track, then use it as a feature throughout; chopping it in and out of the intricate drum programming.

Robys Tribute is, without question, a beautiful marriage of past, present and future. A very welcome return for a true classic.

Robytek Tribute To E2-E4 (Sueno Latino) is out 30th November via Beatport followed by all good digital outlets

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