Funkagenda @ Beta

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December 27, 2009 by DJ Elroy

Digital Dance Log. 4 December 2009. Denver, CO. Beta Nightclub.

Ah, Denver. The Sunshine State.

Crazy Stairs @ Beta

Crazy Stairs @ Beta

Not much snow, but overnight lows are dipping below zero. It’s a good thing I’ve got a hot evening planned with Funkagenda. I missed his Colorado stop earlier this year and I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. For him, 2009 has been huge: Chart topping tracks (see my picks over the past several months if you don’t know what I’m talking about), a new mix compilation on Toolroom Records, multiple award nominations (including a nod for best tech-house jock in Ibiza’s 2009 DJ Awards and a GRAMMY nomination), and the top honors for breakthrough artist in the Best of Britian Awards.

I was running a bit late this evening and when we arrived the club was already in full swing. Jonas Temple was a bit grumpy tonite but his set was banging despite (or maybe because of?) his cloudy mood. It was a great blend of techy-tribal-house with dark and gritty undertones.

Brian Howe (Pure Energy Events)

Brian Howe (Pure Energy Events)

I made the rounds, said hello to the regulars, and snapped a few pics. Upstairs in the Beatport Lounge I met DJ Brian Howe (Pure Energy Events) and watched as he rocked the pants off the crowd. New lighting and fog added to the vibe, and Brian was dropping solid remixes and mashups; nothing was off limits — pop, top 40, hip hop, and dance music all made the rotation.

Back out on the main floor Jonas was wrapping up his set and Adam Funkagenda was waiting in the wings. Setup went smoothly and his Live laptop and ACP40 were in place and ready to rock the crowd.

I was impressed right away with the tracks he selected — it was a strong blend of dark house and groovin’ tech. Tracks like “Downpipe” and “Farcry“, mashed up with things like “Rapture” and “In For the Kill” got a huge reaction from the dancefloor. He picked his tracks carefully and programmed a winning set by alternating big dancefloor stompers, hands-in-the-air hits, and driving fillers between the peaks.



It was about this time my camera flash took a shit on me and decided to retire for the evening. I’d hoped to get some pics of the main event but alas, the Nikon gods were not smiling upon me this time.

As the night wore on I spent my time trainspotting and really catching the vibe of the set. Funkagenda certainly has earned his place in the big boys club, and while I was impressed with his technical skills I was even more amazed by his innate ability to lead the crowd. This man definitely has the “magic” that sets the great artists apart from the good ones.

By the end of the evening my voice was almost gone from the constant cheering but I did manage to have a few words with the man after his set (stay tuned for the interview)… All in all it was a great show, excepting of course my traitor camera.

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