Blending With The Ether (RMX Contest)

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January 21, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Remix Competition Info

Join the Audio Therapy Facebook fan page to take part in an exclusive competition to remix “Blending With The Ether” by Pappa, Bonicci and Phil K. The lucky winner will see their winning remix released exclusively on Beatport.

To take part simply become a fan of Audio Therapy ( before January 31st and we’ll make sure all fan page members receive a link to download the remix parts. We will accept submissions up until 28th February. Any submissions that come from people that are not listed as fans will be disqualified. Soz.

Thanks and good luck.

Release info:

Pappa ,Bonnici & Phil K
Blending With The Ether
Remixes from Nomad In The Dark and Andy Newland & Oscitone
Released January 25th
Beatport Exclusive

If you had to put together an Australian supergroup of electronic artists chances are Anthony Pappa, Danny Bonnici and Phil K would be high on your list. Well, no need to worry yourselves, we’ve done it for you.

The collaboration came about when Anthony Pappa was putting his Moments Volume 2 compilation together and the track featured as an exclusive on the album. Now with remixes from Nomad In The Dark and Andy Newland & Oscitone, “Blending With The Ether” is looming large in clubland with support coming thick and fast from the usual suspects.

A perfect start to 2010 and we hope you enjoy.

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