Perfect Stranger: Prata Da Casa

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January 28, 2010 by DJ Elroy

I’ve been drifting away from my progressive side the past few months but I stumbled across this release today and rekindled my passion for the sound… Very nicely done! I love all the mixes, don’t make me decide which I like best! ~ djElroy

Press Release

Artist : Perfect Stranger
Title : Prata da Casa EP
Label : Flow Vinyl
Format : Digital download

Flow Vinyl is proud to announce its next offering “Prata da Casa” EP, featuring a Prog-Tech cross-over bomb signed by no less than Yuli Fershtat aka Perfect Stranger. His achievements include three artist albums under the guise of Perfect Stranger, two compilations and many singles released at the most respected labels. Not to mention his previous project BLT (3 opuses) which also accounts for his globally celebrated production skills and success on the biggest parties and festivals worldwide. This impressive number of releases gives an idea of his outstanding stature as an artist.

1. Prata da Casa (original mix)
2. Prata da Casa (Riktam & Bansi remix)
3. Prata da Casa (Avishai Balter remix)
4. Prata da Casa (Spektre remix)

Original mix
The original piece has played a key role in the Stranger’s live sets performed worldwide in the past months, and to rapturous acclaim. It marks a new and important chapter in Yuli’s unique combination of Techno and Progressive soundscapes. Prata da Casa perfectly showcases the dual stylistic register of our champion, at once perky and mental. It effectively stages a cheerful percussive melodic theme underpinned by a nerve-wrecking riff that swells to a transposed, acid-drenched, high pitched, demented break. No doubt, the most demanding dance-floor will be thrilled by this new instalment.

Riktam & Bansi remix
This year has seen the emergence of Riktam & Bansi, of GMS fame — the world famous psychedelic Trance duo — on the progressive scene, with tracks scoring at the top of the Beatport charts. They have reworked the seminal piece in their successful sound: a blend of Tech Prog whose droning bass will tear the dancefloor’s guts out.

Avishai Balter remix
Avishai Balter is a famous DJ and electronic music activist in his country, known as the partner in crime of the Stranger in ecstatic, double deck and back to back DJ sets in parties and festival in Israel. And as a rising talent in music production, he has already appeared on rmx duty on Iboga and HOMmega records. While his take on this piece emphasises its minimal feel, he does not neglect the strategic break. On the contrary: under his hands, it takes on a deeper and very emotional tone.

Spektre remix
The internationally recognised UK duo Spektre comprising Paul Maddox & Richard Wakley, has risen in the recent years to the summit of Techno elite with their releases at the cream of the crop of Techno labels (Toolroom, Budenzaubern, Audio Therapy, Craft, Great Stuff, Blue Fin, Surabu and more). They have collaborated with such renowned artists as Fergie, Koen Groeneveld, and Oliver Huntemann. For their Flow debut, they accentuate the spooky register and sign a dancefloor minded tune, fueled by their powerful, reverberated rhythmic combo, offering another demonstration of their big room Techno, reminiscent of the rave style.

Savour Prata da Casa!


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