Elroy's Week In Review (Jan 24 – 30)

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January 31, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Well I don’t have too much to write this week. I’ve been sick in bed for the past several days and finally seem to have kicked the humors to the curb.

And that makes a convenient excuse for me not to have anything prepared for the Week In Review. I’ve tried to keep the site updated but there is so much in the inbox everyday it’s hard to stay on top when you miss a few days. I’ll try get thru it all in the coming week. If you’ve sent something and I haven’t replied or posted it don’t worry, I probably haven’t seen it yet.

That said, I still did get my Top 5 for the week done. This week it’s a bit more melodic and progressive, but I couldn’t resist throwing in those awesome tribal vibes. You know how I love the percussion. Drums, baby! Just go with it. What are your picks for the week?

1) Enjoy This Trip (Stan Kolev Miami Trip RMX) _ John Silva (USB Digital)
Solid house cut with percussive tech vibes layered on top. Some enchanting female vocal samples are hooked in and the middle-eastern riffs give “This Trip” some exotic character ~

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2) Prata Da Casa (All Mixes) _ Perfect Stranger (Flow Vinyl)
Got this in the mail this week and almost soiled myself in delight! The entire release is good, but my favorites are the ‘Riktam & Bansi RMX‘ and the ‘Spektre RMX‘. Great dark melodic progressive house, nice layers, wonderful structure, and quality sound. A must-hear for prog heads ~

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3) French Jeans (Edu K RMX) _ Mvsevum (Discobelle Records)
Big drums on this house choon, “Jeans” will make you dance your pants off with the quirky samples and hook build into the hypnotic rhythm of the digital ‘skins. This one keeps building and driving forward into a trippy break and rebuild. You’ll have to hear it to understand. 5/5 right here.

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4) Zoo Comunale (Orig) _ Hugo, Marcin Czubala (Mobilee Records)
A nice tribal vibe here. Pretty straightforward, nothing jaw dropping but this track will take a high set and work right in, keeping fists pumping and energy levels peaked. All systems Go!

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5) Boomshankar (Orig) _ Benno Blome, Tigerskin (Sender Records)
This one has grown on me. It takes a while to get started but the percussion slowly drops in, then the bassline, then some synths, more percussion, vocals… well you get the picture. Classic build. Horns. Drums. This one hits you everywhere. But it’s the crazy vocals that will make this a love or hate tune. I really dig them but by the end of the song I’m glad they are gone. Some may not have as much patience as me, but there is no doubt this will keep feet moving on the dancefloor.

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