The Digital Dancefloor ::: Episode 005 :::

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January 31, 2010 by DJ Elroy

The Digital Dancefloor ::: Episode 005 :::

(Visit the PodOmatic page HERE or download the show HERE)

I am finally shaking off the final dregs of this weeks dilirium and for all intents and purposes have been no more productive in putting together an Original Podcast than the Obama Administraion has been in fixing, well, anything. But fear not, faithful listeners, for the Digital Dancefloor marches on. I’ve went back in time and come up with a fun mix I did in early 2008. It was a back-to-back disc with fellow BeatPimp DJ BZ. His was the “Bangin’ Mix” and mine the “Funkin’ Mix”…
And yes, I do plan to have an Original ‘cast up next week. Something with drums, melody, and a progressive vibe… Stay tuned!

1: Jump Up feat Alex Peace (Acapella)  _ Bissmir & Bam Bam
2: Brazilian Tiger (Original) _ Junta
3: A Day in the Life of Bon Holmes (Original) _ Bon Johnson
4: Clean the Closet (Original) _ Dekky
5: Full On (Original) _ Groove Man
6: People Are People (Original) _ BDG Booty
7: Under Control (Olav Basiski RMX) _ Dekky & Sebastian D
8: Vice (Luke Chable RMX) _ Shiloh
9: Everybody (Do Your Thing) _ Mantrix

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