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February 2, 2010 by DJ Elroy

FC System F is an online platform where you can compete to become a part of the greatest team in trance history. How? It’s easy!

We have created an exciting competition, where you will have a chance to remix any or all of the System F tracks that are currently listed in the schedule, except Out Of The Blue, which is the keeper and kick-off track that has already been remixed by Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Koen Groeneveld and many more.

However, there are 10 other original tracks presented here in our line-up, which are all in need of new remixes, and we invite you to do so!

Every week starting on February 2nd, 2010, we will post the original outtakes/parts of a System F track on this website for you. After agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you will be able to download the outtakes/parts for free, and start with your remix. You first need to register here, but registration is also free.

Within 3 weeks after the outtakes/parts have been posted by us, you must submit your remix by sending us a download link to team@fcsystemf.com in order to be officially entered into the competition. We will carefully listen to all submitted remixes, and put the best remixes up on this portal, in a so-called voting pool. We will notify everyone when a new vote is starting through e-mail and on our twitter account, twitter.com/fcsystemf.

At that time, everyone can go to the voting pool to vote for their favorite remix for a period of 1 week, after which we close the voting and see which remix has made it into the final FC System F line-up.

So what’s the big deal, besides eternal fame?

Of course, each winning remix will take its position in the FC System F line-up, and we’ll make sure it becomes an official release soon after the election. Your winning remix will not only be made available for purchase here, but we will place it everywhere as an official System F remix.

And even better, after the FC System F season ends, your winning remix will end up on the FC System F “Champions” album, which will be released all over the world as a compact disc and download package.

Oh yeah, we’ll also pay a remix fee of Euro 250.00 for each winning remix, and you get a free soccer gift package including a Rectro Jacket, Retro Shirt and a Laboratories Matchall, as you can see in the FCSF Shop.

So what if you make a remix but you don’t win? Well, everyone who submits a remix to the competition will receive a nice personal mention thank you in the booklet of the FC System F “Champions” album, and we’ll randomly give away 100 free copies of the album to people who have entered the competition.

Good luck!

The rules for FC System F are as simple as we could keep them!

  1. First rule of all, anyone can enter the competition for a chance to become part of the greatest team in trance history. To us, it doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 70, if you come from Argentina or Japan, or if you own a dog or a cat. Your entry could be the first remix you’ve ever made, or you could be an established artist or producer. So to make things clear, anyone can enter this competition.
  2. As an exception to the first rule, only people who are currently employed by Black Hole Recordings, Flashover Recordings, Trackitdown.net or Copa are prohibited from entered the competition. Just so you know we do want to give those prizes away!
  3. After all of the remixes for a System F track are submitted, we will pick the remixes we feel are good enough to enter the voting pool. The number of remixes in the voting pool may vary per track, so as few as 2 or as many as 10 mixes may be selected. We will not enter any discussions whether a remix is good or not.
  4. There are also no limits to the style of remix you make. For example, as long as it’s well-produced, a lounge remix or a dubstep remix has just as much chance to end up in the voting pool as a trance remix.
  5. There is also no limit to the number of times you can enter the competition, so you can remix 1 FC System F track or you can remix all 10. You can, however, submit only 1 remix of each track.
  6. We ask that you submit each remix to us via download link to team@fcsystemf.com in full audio format, being either a stereo .wav or .aif file. No .mp3’s please!
  7. If your remix is chosen for the voting pool, we’ll let you know on the day that your remix is posted on http://www.fcsystemf.com. This way you can let all your friends know that they should vote for you. We’ll also announce these mixes via our Twitter account, twitter.com/fcsystemf.
  8. We will not notify you if your remix did not make it past our first selection, but as promised we will print your name in the booklet of the FC System F “Champions” album, and you’ll still have a chance to win 1 of those 100 free copies of the album at the end of the competition.
  9. Of course, we don’t want our outtakes/parts to be used for anything else besides making remixes for FC System F. Therefore, before you download the outtakes/parts, you must agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  10. In short, the Terms & Conditions outline what you can and can’t do when you have the outtakes/parts in your possession. For example, you can’t post or upload your remix anywhere other than http://www.fcsystemf.com, and you can’t release your remix on any other label or make a new recording with the outtakes/parts under your own name. To keep it really simple, the only thing you can do with the outtakes/parts is make a remix and send it to us for the competition. Any remixes submitted to FC System F will belong to us, and we will be free to exploit or not exploit the remix as we see fit.
  11. If you’ve downloaded the outtakes/parts and you couldn’t make something worthwhile to send to us, we kindly ask you to dispose of the outtakes/parts at the end of the remix competition.

So, we hope everything is clear to you. Of course, you’re welcome to read or print the Terms & Conditions before you click yes. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to referee@fcsystemf.com.



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