Laidback Luke: Super You&Me

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February 10, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Fronting the fight against dull discotheques, rotten raves and dodgy dance music; a modern day hero is set to eliminate bad beats in an assault on boom boxes, ghetto blasters and sound systems across the stratosphere. That hero is none other than… Laidback Luke.

Injecting every ounce of beats, bass and bedlam he can lay his hands on, Luke brings his epic ‘Super You&Me’ shindigs to your stereo in a compilation album set to drop April 2nd on his own Mixmash Records.

Coinciding with his party at WMC, the mix CD will feature tracks from the global dance phenomenon and his now-legendary SY&M platform, which has swept across the world quicker than Wolverine’s regenerative powers.

Behind every good superhero lies a strong wingman; and in the case of Laidback Luke it’s emerging Swedish superstar Avicii who adopts the vital role by mixing the second half of the album, and in doing so forms a truly dynamic dance duo. Watch this space for further information as Luke’s Hulk-like music might, coupled with Avicii’s grip on grooves, heats up its quest to rid the world of substandard sounds.

This mix CD will be out the 2nd of April on Luke’s label Mixmash Records, keep your eyes open!

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