Paul Woolford: Platform

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February 18, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Release Date: March 15, 2010

Through his work as DJ, producer, dancefloor experimentalist, remixer, collaborator and label owner, Paul Woolford has succeeded in bringing a rare level of artistry to the world of modern dance music and in doing so, made an enduring global impact. Paul’s name is synonymous with quality through his work with everyone from Depeche Mode, Simian Mobile Disco, Delphic, The Juan Maclean, Morgan Geist, DJ Hell and Underworld, through to working with vocals by Skunk Anansie, Freeform Five, Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys and Jamie Lidell. Turning to original work, output on his Intimacy imprint always sparks feverish reactions, all of which contributes to make an extended release like Platform a much anticipated one.

Now onto its second release the Platform series gives musicians an outlet to produce something noteworthy. Always exceptional and pioneering in his craft, Paul Woolford was an esteemed choice to curate the latest edition in the series.

Never one to compromise, Paul comments, “Immediately I had a list of records that I knew I wanted to include – every record has been picked from the heart… It was imperative to me that I used only these tracks, with no fillers at all. My aim was not to give a ‘snapshot’ mix of what I’m playing on the floor at this time, but to provide what is hopefully a lasting document of my approach to music.”

Titled Surgery ‘One’ and ‘Two’ Paul said the idea of how to construct the first mix came to him after 3 days deep in thought in Brazil. He was in Sao Paulo for a gig at D-Edge and instead of wondering around the Latin American mega-tropolis exploring the city and looking at the Oscar Niemeyer architecture, he was locked in a hotel coming-up up with about 70% of the sequence for Surgery One, something that surprised even Paul himself.

The second mix uses Oni Ayhun’s ‘OAR3-B’ as its anchor, which Paul describes as, “One of the most beautiful pieces of electronic music I have encountered.”

The breadth of tracks Paul has used here is staggering, there are even records dating back to the early 90s, yet his unique approach and deft touch gives them a contemporary feel and brings them into present day. The mix also pays homage to the American mix masters, skillfully incorporating some of their tricks with tracks blending and threading throughout, in some cases appearing over both discs. Paul even takes to using two versions of his remix of Morgan Geist to kick start proceedings on the second disc, although his authorship of this mix reaches far deeper as he features 9 tracks that are comprised of new productions, remixes and specially constructed edits.

The result is a proper ‘mix’; an effortless listen that explores the full spectrum of techno, jazz, cinematic electronica and house.

To conclude Paul adds “I have had so much fun constructing these mixes, and after repeated listens in various states, altered and otherwise… I think they will last for some time. I sincerely hope you do too.” We’re sure we will…


Surgery One

  • Paul Woolford – Heartbeat Intro
  • Brock Van Wey – Forever A Stranger
  • Lusine – Gravity
  • Rocha – Hands Of Love [Fingers Of Sand] (Gatto Fritto Menorcan Nightmare Version) [Paul Woolford Re-edit]
  • Josh Wink – Counter Clock 319 (Château Flight Remix) [Section]
  • Gui Boratto – Trills (Paul Woolford Reduced Dub)
  • I:Cube – Tunnel Vision [Section]
  • Wireman – Armour (Move D Remix) [Section]
  • Missing Linkx – Who To Call
  • Brock Van Wey – Forever A Stranger [Section]
  • Adryan – the Jazzer (Russ Gabriel Remix)
  • Basic Soul Unit – Things Pass
  • Cortney Tidwell – Watusii (Daphni Remix) [Instrumental & Vocal Sections]
  • Newworldaquarium – The Force (Âme Remix) [Paul Woolford Re-edit] (Remix & Additional Production by Âme)
  • Tensnake – In The End (I Want You To Cry)
  • Marc Antona & Xiki – Hawah
  • Armando – Don’t Take It (Thomos Edit) [Paul Woolford Re-edit]
  • Matthias Tanzmann – Rugby
  • Brendon Moeller – Phazed & Confused
  • Ben Klock – Subzero (Function-Regis Remix)
  • Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow
  • Paul Woolford Presents Bobby Peru – Let It Go

Surgery Two

  • Paul Woolford – Salinas Intro
  • Morgan Geist Feat. Jeremy Greenspan Of Junior Boys – The Shore (Paul Woolford’s Bridge End Dub)
  • Daniel Stefanik – Like This
  • Brock Van Wey – Forever A Stranger [Section]
  • Quarion – Karasu (Deetron Remix) [Paul Woolford Re-edit]
  • Ben Klock – Subzero (Function-Regis Remix)
  • Reel By Real – Surkit [Paul Woolford Edit]
  • Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B
  • Cortney Tidwell – Watusii (Daphni Remix) [Vocal Section]
  • Josh Wink – Counter Clock 319 (Château Flight Remix)
  • DVS1 – Running
  • Abe Duque Feat. Blake Baxter – What Happened? [Vocal Sections]
  • Robert Hood – School
  • Sendai – System Policy
  • Kevin Gorman – Alarm (Tool Re-edit)
  • Derrick L. Carter – Legacy [Vocal Section]
  • Paul Woolford – Endgame (Platform Intro Version)
  • Tom Taylor – Theory Of Everything (Kink Remix)
  • Suburban Knight – The Art Of Stalking [Paul Woolford Edit]

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