30 Days of Bass 001 (March 2010)

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March 8, 2010 by DJ Elroy

30 Days of Bass will be a monthly look into the world of bass music. Keep an eye here for the latest in tunes and mixes from the best in dubstep, glitch hop, D&B, and all of the various twisted stepcoregarages in between. If you’d like your mixes or originals featured just leave a comment!

Here’s our top ten for March:

1: Get Crunk Wit Jesus Mix n Blend (Skanky Panky)

(smoking release from startup label Skanky Panky Records. Check it)

2: Nintendont Misk (Vermin Street)

3: Feel This Libton(Addictech Records)

4: Birthday Funk Monk Fly (Daly City Records)

5: Uncut Downlink & Ale Filman (Dirty Circuit Records)

6: Dubstomp EP Samples

(technically 7 tracks, but the whole release is fire.)

7: B Line Fi Blow Smith & Mighty (Drunk Records)

8: Sugar Lump Yoseph (???)

9: Dog Logic Inaudible (Muti Music)

10: Heat Reasons (Kotchy Remix) Dev79 feat Edu K (Seclusiasis)

With loads of quality releases on the horizon, there’s plenty of material for the coming months. Big thanks to Elroy for bringing me on!


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