Mixtapes & Social Media vs The Album

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March 10, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Interesting article on why the “mixtape” may be the overtaking the conventional “album” — great news for us DJs ~ djElroy

Alex Mann is the director of Trendrr, a business intelligence platform for social and digital media. You can read more by Alex on his blog here and follow him on Twitter here. And thanks to Hypebot.com for the article!

At first glance, Drake’s success as an artist appears similar to his hip-hop peers. The actor turned Grammy-nominated rapper performed at the 2010 Grammy Awards and starred in a recent Sprite commercial during the NBA All-Star game.

Here is what’s new: Drake has yet to release a full-length retail album. So Far Gone was the 6th best selling rap release of 2009, despite being just a seven song mixtape. His radio airplay was demanded organically, lacking the traditional push from a major label. Although a supposed album is in the pipeline, current social patterns tell us he’s built a sustainable career from a few singles and a wildly popular mixtape, a distribution formula unique to the digital era.

First, let’s look at the conversation volume around Drake on Twitter. Beginning to buzz in the middle of 2009, Drake has remained at the center of the hip-hop conversation, hovering around 5,000 Tweets per day for the second half of 2009. He has edged out hip-hop heavyweight and current label mate Lil’ Wayne with buzz and recently benefited from a post-Grammy bump of over 60,000 Tweets in one day.

Check out the full story, pics, and discussion HERE ~

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