Elroy's Week in Review (March 7 – 14)

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March 14, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Elroy's Week in Review

I got my hands on DJ Hero this week and haven’t been able to put it down. As a DJ myself I was doubtful that this game could capture the magic of the decks… And I’m still not sure it does, but it does bring something fun and addictive whether or not it’s the same rush as rockin’ the DJ booth.

Tracks I’m diggin’ this week:

1: Afterclub (Orig) _ Funkagenda feat. Big Ed (Toolroom Records)

Pretty straight-forward 4/4 structure built with a quirky FML spoken-word dialouge from Big EdFunkagenda had a HOT 2009 and is already making waves again for the new year… Definitely one to keep an eye on! Diggin’ a few of the remixes here, too. Catch ’em all!

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2: Everybody to the Sun (Slam Paragraph RMX) _ Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings)
This percussive techno burner is off Wink’s new release “When a Banana was just a Banana“, a great album full of quirky techno-ish cuts.

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3: One Day feat. Alice Edun (Lazy Rich RMX) _ LB One (Zero Online)

Wasn’t sure about this one but it’s grown on me. Starts off like most other tracks in the genre but it builds up and really busts out after the breakdown. Not on Beatport (yet) but you can find it on Trackitdown and other digital retailers.

4: Trust (Orig) _ Tiefschwarz & Seth Troxler (Global Underground)

Hot off Coxy‘s new “Black Rock Desert” GU Album (link**), Trust brings up some smooth techy-tribal vibes with some relationship issues, a strong structure and epic build-up… You can never have too many drums, right?

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5: Get Off vs Dancin (The Pills) (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Mashup) _ Miles Dyson vs Sharooz
My bootleg of the week is one that anybody who has been in the club the past few years should recognize. What do you think?

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