Elroy's Week in Review (March 14 – 21)

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March 21, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Elroy's Week in Review

As our once proud nation spirals towards the time-proven failures of Socialism, I can’t help but find solace in the one thing I’ve got left to believe in.

The music.

This past week it’s been hard to find some decent tunes (I know everyone is holding out for WMC — hopefully new amazing stuff will be rolling in over the next several days)… But I was able to find 5 special cuts that made me groove a bit.

1) Punji (Orig) _ Lee Coombs (LOT49)

Really diggin’ all the mixes but the Original is what got me wet right away. A twisted broken-beat banger with an exotic vibe… A must get!

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2) Juicy Beat Anthem (Robbie Rivera Juicy Ibiza Mix) _ Robbie Rivera vs Mixin Marc (Black Hole Recordings)
The perfect tune to drop this week in sunny Miami! The Mixin Marc version brings a different approach but still rocks with the best of ’em.
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3) Monster Island (Christian Martin RMX) _ Claude VonStroke (dirtybird)
Wasn’t too sure of this one at first. Pretty minimal broken glitch tech stuff, but it’s grown on me. Thrown down for the right crowd, with the right set, it will be THE track that is talked about the next day. Fucking creepy groove; something that will rise up from the fog and steal your girl in the dark of night.

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4) Soundscape 09 (Anders van Dane Rel) _ Kato feat Michael Rune (???)
Not sure where this one came from but it’s got a big 4/4 with plenty of percussion, horns, pipes, and a sax. Def worth a listen
5) Still (Emil Lassaria RMX) _ Chris Mayer & Connect R (???)
Another CDR that showed up in my box. Great tropical vibe with an awesome vocal. A MUST GET

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