Benassi VS Iggy Pop "Electro Sixteen"

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March 22, 2010 by DJ Elroy

DJ Benny Benassi just premiered his new video, “Electro Sixteen”, on his official YouTube Channel – Benny BenassiTV. The “photo-motion” style documentary was created last summer using more than 15,000 images from his DJ set at the Electric Zoo Festival. Benny wanted the video to capture the experience of being at a show – to feel like you’re right there.
Benny has a love for punk subculture, raw colors and cool graphics, he wanted to connect you with the music, get lost in it and dance, dance, dance.
To bring this video to life Qubic New York created the concept and art, working with Hayden 5 Media to capture the idea with 15,000+ rapid-fire photographs of Benny while he was on stage.

Hmmmm….. I’ll pass on this one… ~djElroy

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