Elroy's Week in Review (March 21-28)

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March 28, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Elroy's Week in Review

I’m sure everyone is either at WMC 2010 this week or wishes they were. It’s North America’s biggest week-long festival of electronic music and the celebration of a culture that has become such a large part of so many of our lives. I’ve got a bunch of live mixes and promos going up over the next few weeks so stay tuned! If you’ve got music you’d like to share please email me at music@djelroy.com and I’ll post it up ASAP!

Spring has finally sprung and this year is shaping up to see some big changes in the music… But which direction will it go? Will dubstep thrive and prove that it’s not just a flash-in-the-pan? Will electro house finally crash and die? Who will be the biggest surprise of the 2010 party season? Word from the WMC is that classic proggy vocals and deep, natural vibes are making their way back into sets and have been getting an amazing response… I can only hope this is true. What do you think?

There are so many tracks I’ve been buried in the past few days it’s been hard to choose just 5 of my favorite… I might post up a few WMC promo tracks to download a bit later so stay tuned…

Here are this weeks Top 5:

1) Carnivale EP _ Filthy Rich (Toolroom)
Really feelin’ all the tracks on this release… Addictive tech-house beats and that familiar Filthy Rich style guarantee quality; The distinctive hooks and energy give all 3 cuts a reason to be in the mix…

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2) Ghetto (Sonny Wartons Miami Edit) _ Mark Trophy (Wartone Records)
“Ghetto” starts off with a groovin’ foundation and builds layer upon layer of frantic sound. Great track to keep the excitement high and the punters dancing!

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3) Bla Bla (Martin ten Velden RMX) _ Belocca & Soneec (Stealth)
Fun track with the chopped “Bla Bla” chorus, a trippy build and big drums make this a winner. I also liked “Get Your Head Right” off this realease… Up until the vocals. Anyone else tired of the ‘Kumbaya Can’t We All Get Along One People One Nation One Blood’ message? I know I am. If there was a dub mix or instrumental I’d be all over it… But “Bla Bla” still works 🙂

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4) An Old Technique (Orig Club Mix) _ F-Man & FLG (Toolroom)
Man oh man Toolroom has been hot lately… This track is off Freddie Le Grand’s new Knights mix (and most of the other tracks on the release are bangers, too)… It’s a steal! The double-mix plus 3 pages of tracks for under $20USD…

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5) Africa (Jet Project RMX) _ Yousef (Renaissance)
All the mixes on this one are good but I was diggin’ the direction the Jet Project RMX took things… Nice tech-tribal vibe with a dark edge… A winner!

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