Music + Twitter = mflow

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March 29, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Came across this on ibeats (thanks guys!)… It’s an interesting idea, but will be successful? Looks like the official launch is April 15 and so far only available in the UK… djElroy

mflow, a unique digital music service that encourages fans to recommend and share music in return for a percentage of any resulting sales announces its launch on 15th April.

During March, the service is accessible as an invitation-only service & only users will be able to download an easy-to-install mflow application that allows them to follow other users and build a network of trusted sources, discover new music, recommend music to others, browse, search and purchase music online. mflow launches with over 1m tracks.

mflow places a big emphasis on online music discovery. However, rather than relying on computer generated recommendation software, mflow actively encourages human interaction and word of mouth by enabling users to see what music friends, followers and fellow fans are listening to and tipping.

Users can quickly build a network of trusted sources by choosing to follow the recommendation ‘flows’ of other users, friends, artists, record labels, magazines, radio stations, celebrities and so on. These ‘flows’ will appear on the user’s desktop as a constant ‘feed’ as the people they choose to follow recommend and share music with them. Users can even look at the music collections and playlists stored on each other’s computers – although users can opt not to make this facility available if they choose. The recipient is given a full length, streamed preview of any recommendation putting them first in the queue to hear new music and, of course, an option to purchase the track.

In addition mflow rewards users for sharing and recommending music – If a friend or follower likes a track that a user recommends and subsequently buys it, the person recommending that track automatically receives 20% of the purchase price in the form of a credit to spend on more music.

There is absolutely no advertising on mflow and users can only share, recommend or purchase music.

mflow is perfect for the dance music lover having signed a deluge of labels including Cadenza, 2020, Skint, Wall of Sound, Border Community, Eskimo, Made 2 Play, Freerange, Buzzin’ Fly, Toolroom Records, Deconstruction and many more.

For PC and Mac download instructions, beta release notes, screenshots and a product overview please visit For further updates, visit &

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