Hamza/Loopy Juice/Jassi: Ego Invader

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April 11, 2010 by DJ Elroy

As you’ve probably noticed from my charts and mixes over the past six months or so, I’m really really diggin’ the tech/tribal house vibe… So much good music has been coming out lately, the most recent of which is the Ego Invader EP. Each song has a unique vibe with a chuggin’ energy that you can’t sit still for… It’s not as ‘busy’ as some of the others out there but the layers and percussion work well with the Indian chants… I’m feeling this; check out the press release below ~ djElroy

For those seeking more exotic and unique additions to their house music diet DJ Hamza and Wind Horse Records continue to spectacularly fill the void. After a small but impressive handful of releases the New Delhi-based Wind Horse imprint has become renowned for huge production, contributions from accomplished world musicians, and rhythms that will shake the steadiest of dancefloors. With this fourth release, the Ego Invader EP, Wind Horse owner and rising star on the world DJ scene Hamza presents three tracks, including a couple of brilliant collaborations.

The first cut, “Ego Invader,” introduces the mysterious Loopy Juice, a singer/musician from the United Kingdom. “Ego Invader” showcases Loopy Juice’s expressive and calming vocals over a building bed of Indian percussion and instrumentation as well as solid electronic beats and effects. The track is meant to convey, in Hamza’s words, “invading the ego to introduce compassion and kindness into our lives. To achieve this we need to be wrathful and sensitive at the same time, therefore the track has a dark side as well as a blissed out one.”

Folkstar Riddems” extends the collaborative spirit of this EP to Jassi, last heard working with Hamza on the well-received Allah Hoo EP. Jassi is one of the best known contemporary Punjabi singers, lending his voice to a number of films, several albums, and thousands of international concert performances. On “Folkstar Riddems” Hamza provides insistently pounding rhythms, yet leaves the music sparse to give lots of room for Jassi’s evocative talent. For a club DJ this track is ideal; filled with drum and vocal breaks it is sure to make any DJ set come alive.

The EP closes with “Tribal Sensitivity,” a more straight-forward club-oriented selection. Here Hamza has produced an effective deep tribal house cut accented with subtle layers of percussion, soothing keys, and alluring vocal samples. The arrangement is squarely positioned to deliver for the dancefloor with just enough exotic spice added to maintain a unique electronic flavor.

Hamza Rahimtula is undoubtedly a name to closely watch in the electronic music scene as the Ego Invader EP strongly confirms. Wind Horse Records plans to follow a prolific release schedule in 2010 with a goal of further introducing its sound and cadre of musicians and DJs to the world. Please enjoy the Ego Invader EP and be sure to look for more from Wind Horse Records in the very near future.

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