James Zabiela: Life (Review)

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April 19, 2010 by DJ Elroy

James Zabiela’s newest project “Life” (Renaissance) is a follow-up to last years “Masters” experiment (if you’re looking for something similar to his early works like “ALiVE” or “Utilities” this ain’t it)… JaZ has always been one to push his music in new directions, giving fans a surprising and unique perspective on electronica. Too many jocks nowadays just play it safe, keeping their sound within spitting distance of tech-pop; Only a few seem to be heading back underground or bother to try anything new. But James has never been one to play by the rules…

Life” is an eclectic collection of sounds, moods, music, and well, Life. Electronic, downtempo, broken beats, and some left-field vibes are crafted together along with a bit of underground techy and housey cuts. Both discs flow together as an epic set of sorts (as opposed the yin and yang of previous releases) and it’s a fairly enlightening ride the entire trip. I won’t give you the play-by-play here; this is something you’ll have to experience for yourself. I’ve given it several spins over the past few weeks, sometimes with the “trainspotter” ears and sometimes just to step back, relax, and enjoy. And no matter how you slice it, the album is amazing. Incredible, even.

But the album doesn’t stop with music. It’s ‘Green’ so if you buy into that whole climate-change hoax you can feel a little less guilty about your carbon footprint (or you could have just downloaded a digital copy, duh)… But the thing I like most about it is that James is giving away the album for FREE at his shows to everyone who purchased a ticket… I’ve been an advocate of the “new music industry” and support the ‘Connect With Fans = Reason To Buy‘ strategy.

Check out this Beatportal Interview with Zab and get some insights into his new album

Also as a bonus you can pick up a 40 minute promo mix  HERE ~

A Life Less Ordinary Preview Promotion Mix
01.) Nosaj Thing – Fog
02.) Pedestrians
03.) James Zabiela – Burnt Bridges
04.) Street Sounds – Life Is Best Seen As A Gift
05.) R3volve – Bootpacker Alpha
06.) Mondkopf – Libera Me
07.) Change Machine – Everything Slows Down
08.) Asc – Porcelain
09.) Reason Or Romanza – Radiance Trigger (Recue Remix)

Afterlife Preview Promotion Mix
01.) Intro – Busker
02.) Sally Shapiro – Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon
03.) Whatever Can Be Imagined Can Be Realised
04.) Vince Watson – Long Way From Home
05.) Harmony, Simple And Beautiful
06.) Siopis – Really Love Ya [James Zabiela Re-Arrange]
07.) D-Pulse – New Poetry (Unreleased Version)

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