Elroy’s Week in Review (April 11-18)

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April 20, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Elroy's Week in Review

Damn, it seems like whenever I hit the town on Saturday I don’t make it home until the sun has popped over the edge of the earth and a new day has begun… And that usually means I’m a day or two behind on getting my Top 5 posted. But that’s OK, right?

Had a blast at the Sander Van Doorn show this weekend; the guy really knows how to tear it up. Props to him… It was the first time I’d seen him live and I wasn’t sure what to expect… Just another big-headed trance douche? No way, the guy was down to earth and we had a chance to talk a bit before his set. Really glad I got to meet him!

Sander Van Doorn @ Beta (Photo by djElroy)

And Beatportal posted up their Essential Tracks of Spring this week. Meh. Whatever. Some decent ones to be sure but not what I want to hear. What do you guys think of their selection? What are some of your “Spring Tunes”?

My Top picks this week are:

1: Funky Zeit (Orig) _ Gabe & Marchello VOR (Renaissance)

Got this in the box this week and love the Origial mix… Trippy tech house ish right thar…

2: Don’t Crash Please (Beats Factory RMX) _ Jody Wisternoff (Unreleased)

Came across this unreleased version and was really diggin’ in, but here’s the original and a remix kit. Make your own!

Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player

3: Palomito (Orig) _ DJ Chus & Lissat & Voltaxx (???)

The perfect spring track right here… Great house beats, chill vibe, and soft, sparse vocals give this one a high-riding groove. Out soon!

4: Long Way From Home (???) _ Vince Watson (???)

Zabiela has a version of this one hisLifepromo mix and I really really dug itNice proggy vibe and some great vocals. Not sure if it’s a new remix of just another mashup; either way it’s a beautiful song!

5: Raw (Orig Club Mix) _ David Amo, Julio Navas, Gustav (Toolroom)

Another great cut off the Fedde Le Grand Toolroom album… Stong 4/4 with lots of percussion and techy twists…

Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player

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