Master Margherita: Psychedelic Carnival

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April 22, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Master Margherita: Psychedelic Carnival 2008

Interesting mix of downtempo tunes; call in the hippies and fire up the drum circles for this chilled-out adventure. I haven’t posted too much of this style but there’s always a place in my library for the easy grooves. Sometimes a person just needs to relax, yo.

01: Pierre Audettat – Intro “La Vraie Vie Est Ailleur”
02: Nick Bartsch’s Ronin – Modul 11
03: Hibernation – Trickle
04: Headphonics – Behind the Case
05: Minilogue – Six Arms & One Leg
06: Off The sky – Saturday Morning Indoctrination
07:  Sonar Calibrado – Respeitar a Bateria
08: 2652 – Moog Dub
09: Anders illar – Coastline
10:  The Album Leaf – Red Eye
11:  The Whitefield Brothers – Prowler

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