Kick Ass (Review)

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April 24, 2010 by DJ Elroy

I had an epic review written for this movie, but thanks to an untimely computer crash (hooray, Vista!), everything is gone. I’ve managed to cobble together some of my thoughts on the picture but I’m not going to try a re-write of the entire thing.

I wasn’t able to catch this on opening weekend but was lucky enough to find some time and a lovely lady to spend the afternoon with at the theater.

Having never cracked the comic, I went into the movie blind, not knowing much about this film other than what I’d seen in the previews. I haven’t heard from many fans yet about how faithful the Silver Screen is to the Original, but I’m assuming the silence is good. After all, it’s only when the Die-Hards complain that those of us on the Outside ever hear about it.

The meat of the movie is pretty basic: High school loser has been pushed around by Life and finally hits the wall and decides to do something about it. It’s been done before.

But not like this.

The story is a lot deeper (and darker) than it first appears but the characters are what really give it some sizzle. It’s not just about title-character KickAss. It’s about Hit Girl. Big Daddy. Red Mist. Love. Life. Society. Family. Crime. Revenge. Acceptance. The things each one of us deals with to some degree on a daily basis.

There’s plenty of action here, too. Great fight scenes; the choreography isn’t from a Jackie Chan flick but it’s tight enough for the story and creative and fresh and fun to watch. Plenty of gratuitous Tarentino violence, too. I love it!

I’ve heard the dollars aren’t as high as they should be, so at this point a sequel is questionable. And what’s up with leading man Aaron Johnson and the Cougar? You don’t need to snag the first thing you bag, bro. You’re a star now. Right?

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