Must Be The Weather…

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April 25, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Well, Friday evening’s show at The Church was interesting. And by interesting, I mean shitty. Not only has it been raining all week, but Friday morning I woke up to a snowstorm. Oh, the joys of Colorado weather.

It was the final evening of the Promoters BattleTwenty42, We Light the Night, and Cock Productions (whaaaa????) — and the place filled up early with everyone taking sides and cheering their favorite jocks. But wait — I’ve been part of the Denver Nightlife Scene for almost 15 years, and I’d only heard of a handful of these guys. Who is everyone else, and where have they been hiding?

And after hearing them play, it’s no wonder they’ve been hiding. I understand why no one would want to admit to hearing them, and why I’ve never seen their names around town.

I didn’t bother finding out who the DJs were. Do I really need to know who it was that couldn’t figure out how to keep the volume steady? It was up and down more than an eigth-grader watching late-nite Cinimax. Or the one that couldn’t mix two songs? Or the one that actually took the disc out of the live player? Or the one that was so bad he was told by the event  host to get off the decks? No.

The only ones I heard with solid sets were DJ Krootz, Protoje, and Frank Groove (from Chicago)… The crowd seemed to agree. These guys had everyone moving, but as soon as the others jumped behind the decks the dancefloor scattered quicker than the work crew at a meat packing plant during an Immigration raid. Even the security guards fled the room, the bartenders cowered in fear, and the Go-Go dancers had trouble keeping up with the off-beats of the amateurs.

My ears thanked me when I finally escaped the club for the evening.

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