The iPad DJ: @ranajune

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April 30, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Rana Sobhany,, rocked the house over the weekend at the iPad Dev Camp in Silicon Valley and here we learn how she was DJ’ing there. You can find her DJ site at and she’s put all the apps she’s using here:

Came across this last week and wasn’t going to touch it — but it seems everyone is talking about it.

Sure, it’s innovative. It’s new. Fresh. Creative. And she’s cute.

But is this future of Club DJing?


For Mobile Jocks it’s a bit more gimmicky than just a laptop and with some next gen tech and more apps this could be a fun tool.

Well, maybe. With all the virtual DJ gear and specialized digital kits out there I really don’t see the “iPad DJ” taking off any more than the “iPod DJ” did…

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