Go Go Bizkitt!: StutterFunk EP

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May 14, 2010 by DJ Elroy

A nice Friday surprise showed up in the inbox today calling itself the StutterFunk EP. Great housey beats, groovin’ hooks and a funky twisted disco vibe. My fave is probably the Nonfiction RMX of Pheeva! – it’s a bit deeper than the others and goes down smoother than a shot of Grey Goose. The entire EP is worth a listen ~ djElroy

Press Release:

Deepfunk Records is pleased to present the latest addition to the family, the pending UK sensation Go Go Bizkitt! Originally conceived in the UK’s undeniably hip underground as a three-man phenomenon, Go Go Bizkitt! is a solitary prodigy with the chops of a musical army. Self-proclaimed as a purveyor of the genre of StutterFunk, Go Go Bizkitt’s music is “chopped up and sprinkled over the groove” to make it, well, stutter. His signature style captivates his listeners not only with a unique & funky new sound, but also with an infusion of old school flavor that aims to rock any party.

Here we’re given three delectably potent dance cuts showing Go Go Bizkitt!’s affinity for good-natured house and disco. “Pheeva!” leads the fray with a funky high pitched synth melody and ringing 80’s funk guitar chunks. Its irresistibly danceable rhythm and playful moves exist to put a big smile on the dance floor. “StutterFunk,” which could serve as the act’s manifesto, builds on the party elements with a heavy bass line and a some rousing horn section action. The house-meets-disco beats keep the foundation as Go Go Bizkitt!’s crafty edits and ‘stuttering’ add the extra spice. “Chuffrugg” closes the trio adding melodic electric piano and vibraphone to the disco house stew, sounding like a modern day offshoot of Cloud One.

As a bonus, a pair of remixers have been enlisted to “house up” the track “Pheeva!” for clubbier needs. Nonfiction hails from Orange County, California where he is a resident at top OC club nights like Focus and releases tunes for labels like Lost My Dog and Motion Music. His remix combines resonating chords, a subtle acid bass line, and a solid house rhythm to create a sweet late night burner. Boston’s Mr. Clean (Clean House Music) is also on hand, providing his French Revolution rework that adds tasty percussion and fits the loopy ‘stutter’ elements into a building, house music mode. These efforts definitely serve to round out this impressive EP.

Go Go Bizkitt! is an exciting new artist that you’ll be hearing more of, and Deepfunk is happy to make this initial introduction. The StutterFunk EP is sure to vibrate your boogie zone for many months to come. Stay tuned for more delicious cuts from Deepfunk right around the corner.

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