Things that Go Bump in the Night

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May 24, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Hmmm… Well I’m diggin’ Brett Johnson’s Original Mix of  “Southern Dandy” — a great quirky tech-house cut with bouncing pads and a groovin’ synth… Gonna get some play for sure! The others? Not so much. Just not feelin’ them. Thoughts? ~ djElroy

Press Release:

Keeping true to form BJ comes out swinging on the A side with two mixes of “Southern Dandy.” A funky, tech injected bouncer that pops in all the right spots—and if those pops are too much for you then you have an ace of a dub mix to keep the things smooth. “Sensual Summations” is deep house burner designed to warm up the floor. Again, BJ’s calculated funky drums and hip flexin basslines spliced with a choral style synth stab and rise. On the digi tip we have a killer 13 minute bonus beat entitled “Sunny Dispositions dub.” Quality house music from one of the genre’s true masters.

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