Blu Mar Ten (Classics)

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May 25, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Blu Mar Ten – From the Vaults Vol 1 – Techstep Mix 1997

I recently found a whole bunch of mixes I did between 1992 and 1997 and have started the long process of ripping the cassettes to mp3.
As I work through them in no particular order I’ll put them up here for download.
Remember the sound quality isn’t great as they were all recorded through a mixer with no EQ and committed to cassette on a shabby home stereo…But what the hell, it’s that authentic 90s sound through and through.

So here’s the first one I’ve converted. An all-dark / techstep mix made in 1997.
I had to get the good folks at Dogs on Acid to help with the tracklist as I was never much of a trainspotter… and there’s no way I’m rooting through thousands of old 12″s.
We’re still missing a couple of IDs so if you know what they are leave a comment under this post.

Tracklist #1
Nico Ft Makai: Omen
Future Forces: Imprint
Ed Rush & Nico: Technology
Boymerang: Still
Future Forces: Cold Fusion
Nasty Habits: Shadow Boxing
Nico: Lo
Fierce & Nico: Crystal
Hokusai: Black Rose
Ed Rush & Nico: Proton
Decoder: In my Dreams
? can’t remember
Twisted Anger: Exquisite
Arcon 2: The Beckoning
Trace & Nico: Squadron
Peshay: Predator
Photek: Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
J Majik: Your Sound (Remix)
Ed Rush & NKS: Mothership

Blu Mar Ten – From the Vaults Vol 2 – Intelligent Mix 1997

This is the second in the series and, yes, I dislike the term ‘intelligent’ as much as you probably do but I never really figured out what we were supposed to call this stuff, even though we were in the thick of it at the time.

So anyway, if you like the whole Good Looking / Logical Progression 90s thing, then this mix is right up your street.

Tracklist #2
Earl Grey: My Soul’s On Ice
Artemis: Desideradi
JMJ: Gravitational Pull
Architex: Altitude
MP5: Fight or Flight
Omni Trio: Sanctuary
Blu Mar Ten: The Fountain
EZ Rollers: Subtropic
Blame: Overhead Projections
Blu Mar Ten: Global Access
Quicksilver: Lord of the Flies
Appaloosa: Night Train
PHD: Presence
PHD & Conrad: Progression Session
Personelle: Rebound (Nookie remix)

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