Good Digital Music Strategy – Pt1

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June 3, 2010 by DJ Elroy

DJ GHOSH @ Vinyl (Photo by djElroy)

DJ GHOSH @ Vinyl (Photo by djElroy)

Great series I picked up from – not everything applies to the electronic music industry but it’s still full of advice, knowledge, and good observations… You can download a PDF here or check out the full article here ~ djElroy

What is a Good Digital Music Strategy?

by Verginie Berger

What does it mean to be an artist in 2010? What is a record company? A music company? A recorded music company? How do we define and work on music marketing within an ever-changing environment?

“And what about music?” you might ask me. Surely, music is the core of everything. The artist should be able to offer a type of music in a place where someone will want to listen to it.

Define your objective

First of all, you can’t throw yourself into marketing action, as small as it may be, without defining your objectives beforehand. It doesn’t mean you have to draw a 5 years business plan. But you need to define the results you expect from your action. What is your objective behind your action? Is it to improve your online presence? OK, but what for? Touring? To be signed? Do you want to sell records, products relating to your music (i.e: merchandising), gig tickets? How many? Why are you on Twitter? What are your expectations?

At present, we are witnessing an excess of actions in the music industry. Are there any results at the end of the day? What is the most important key? Time spent on actions or the final results from the actions?

Most people get frustrated with their online results because they confuse tactic and strategy. It seems that they prefer getting into action, even before defining the reason of their actions. My father used to tell me: “A vague objective leads you to perfect stupidity.”

Back to basics

Before starting off, let me remind you of a few tiny things:

> Not only do fans want to connect with your music, but they also want you to connect with them.

> Three steps for your expansion: getting attention, getting connected, and getting monetized.

> Adding value to what you create is the only way to compete with free of charge products.

> Cwf + RtB = $$$ (Connect with Fans + give them a reason to buy = monetization)

> Why get attention and get connected to your fans? Because the biggest issue in the music industry is not actually about the    price, but about the millions of content that is available. Nobody knows what to listen to and from what source? Which is why being visible and create a community space will give you a way to make money.

> You can’t force people to get into a relationship with you. But, on a daily basis, you can prove to them you are worth it!

Don’t forget: you don’t have to follow EVERY SINGLE thing I am describing. Focus on what’s important to you in terms of your objectives.

So, let’s get down to business: what will you learn from this white paper?

> If you are a band but don’t have a website, then you have just failed your career

> MySpace is so 2004, but it’s still a good idea to create your MySpace page

> Facebook, but why?

> Knowing your fans is vital, but what is the best data-analysis?

> Why register on Bandcamp? Because it’s like MySpace but slightly better

> You might not be Lady Gaga, but you can learn how to get 1 million of viewers on Youtube

> Why email and newsletter are still a weapon of mass seduction?

> Nobody uses Twitter but it reaches everybody

> Flickr, Wikipedia, Deezer, Spotify… strange words but you should use them!

> SEO is not a disease but a medicine actually

Check out the full article here ~

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