Good Digital Music Strategy – Pt2

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June 4, 2010 by DJ Elroy

DJ GHOSH @ Vinyl (Photo by djElroy)

DJ GHOSH @ Vinyl (Photo by djElroy)

The second half of the article from yesterday…

You can download a PDF here or check out the full article here ~ djElroy

What is a Good Digital Music Strategy?

by Verginie Berger

Social Networks

In regard of social media marketing, I don’t agree with many “gurus” who pretend that social networking is the only way to make it as an artist.

In my opinion, it shouldn’t because social media is a fan management extension. Social networking’s purpose is about building a bridge between you and your fans who will then use words of mouth to “promote” you: positively or not.

Therefore, it’s better to look for your fans and build up your online social presence. The main objective is to get your fans on your website. That way they can discover you, share, interact and buy (which is the point actually)…

A – About Myspace

To be straightforward, MySpace is not dead yet. An artist can still do many things on it. So MySpace remains the n°1 site for artists and evolving bands. I have to admit I am not a great fan of it, but an artist can and has to use it.

Looking into the statistics, MySpace keeps growing. It is not as significant as the previous years but its growth is still ongoing.

MySpace is still a vital element for people to find you and discover your music.Why? First, it is very well listed on Google. And also, it is very useful to have a profile when you have no time, nor the competences, nor the finances to build your website. However, a poor and not updated profile will make you lose contacts.

1 > You wish to customize your background. Why not. But you don’t have to. The simpler you keep your background, the faster it will open. Therefore fans or record companies will find what they want.
2 > If you are CSS/HTML competent, get rid of MySpace Player which is the most non-user friendly around. Better to register on Soundcloud and use it on MySpace, so you can use its Player and all its functions (I don’t work for Soundcloud).
3 > No more than 3 videos with Youtube links. I don’t need to see more. If I do, I’ll go to Youtube (that links to your website, doesn’t it?)
4 > Thank you for leaving the layout as it is. There is a good reason for its design. Looking for the mail box if I want to contact you, but you changed its design and its place… is quite nerve racking!
5 > Write a clear and visible email address on your profile. I prefer to contact you directly rather than MySpace email customer service. I am not even on MySpace anymore and I have no intention to create a profile if I feel like speaking to you. Like many of us.
6 > Try to avoid Flickr slideshows. MySpace photo album is better. Again, simplify, simplify!
7 > or Artistdata are good sites to synchronize your updating.
8 > Say “Hello”, answer questions and communicate!

Using MySpace as a contact centre is a good idea. Don’t forget to indicate clearly your email address on your profile as well as your manager/tour organiser contact if you have one. Also, don’t forget to write your website URL and/or your Bandcamp page (even though you might not have a website, be visible on Bandcamp). That way, people will discover you and if they need to know more about you, they will link to your webpage or Bandcamp page.

B – About Facebook

If you still haven’t got a Facebook fan page, here are some stats that might make you change your mind:

1 > More than 400 millions active users
2 > 50% of active users log in once a day
3 > 55 minutes per day is the average time spent on FB
4 > Over 1,6 millions FB fan pages have been created
5 > In terms of traffic, FB is ahead of Google

Looking at those figures and knowing that Google uses social networks (social content) in order to fix web pages ratings in its result pages, your FB absence should be hard to justify!

You have to build your fan page wondering why people would want to join you.

a – Update your content on a regular basis. Give your fans a good reason to come back on your page.

1 > Do not hesitate to post new articles/reviews from your blog onto your FB wall.
2 > You can use a service like in order to update your network in one go, FB as well as Twitter.
3 > You can install a widget on your Youtube and Flickr channel. That will synchronize automatically your videos and images on your FB fan page.

b – Get in touch with your new visitors

For the new ones, a wall can be intimidating. It’s like entering a new room in which everyone knows one another and talks about issues that you know nothing about.

So, before sending your new visitors on your fan page wall, send them to a landing page (a kind of Welcome) on which you can explain who you are and what you do… the “Like” button will be highly visible of course! You can use the Tigerlily application to build your landing page.

c – Launching a contest

If you want more fans, you have to give them a pretext to become one. How to do so? A competition! Competition for the best T. shirt graphics, best album cover, photo, etc = job opportunities, commitment and loyalty.

Watch out: since November 2009, FB guidelines have changed. You will need to follow a process and obtain consent before launching a contest.

d – Give your fans something they won’t find anywhere else

> Box sets

> Live gigs on your page

>  remixes

> Exclusive discounts (i.e.: Fanfarlo offering his album @ $1 for a few days…)

e – Do encourage interaction

> Straightforwardly, if your communication is not interactive and if you don’t exchange anything, your fan page won’t be a success.

> You can ask questions to your fans and seek their opinions

> Draw a survey

> Incorporate applications, games, quizzes

> Share! Do not hesitate to post info from other FB users that are the most relevant

Here are some interesting applications to use on FB:


ReverbNation – My Band

Poll Daddy Polls

Selective Tweets

Twitter/Facebook synch

Nimbit MyStore

Check out the full article here ~

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