Good Digital Music Strategy – Pt3

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June 9, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Lights @ Vinyl (Photo by djElroy)

Lights @ Vinyl (Photo by djElroy)

The third part of the Digital Music Article…

You can download a PDF here or check out the full article here ~ djElroy

What is a Good Digital Music Strategy?

by Verginie Berger

3 – Monetize

Let me give you a tiny advice: It’s great to get an iTunes link on your site, but it’s even better if your visitor can buy directly from your site.

First, because of proximity: (s)he wants to buy from you.

Second, because it might be a compulsive purchase. Don’t get a “chance” to lose him/her by sending him/her on another platform.

Third, not everybody is on iTunes or another platform.

Check out: the last UK study shows that almost 60% of 15-24 years old have no clues about legal platforms. What a shame if (s)he pirates somewhere else when (s)he was about to buy it on your site.xt

A – About iTunes

If you use Zimbalam, it will take care of submitting your tracks on legal downloading platform for about $/£30 (I don’t work for Zimbalam either).

6 ways to be noticed on iTunes:

> Creating an Imix (playlist)

> Marking your Imix

> Commenting your Imix

> Bringing it up regularly

> Writing album reviews

> Doing covers

B – About Bandcamp

By far, the best site for an artist (again I don’t work for Bandcamp).

To sum it up: BC helps independent artists to sell their music. The cherry on the cake: BC is now available on your artist site. You can use BC page to FB or Twitter thanks to widgets.

1. Layout: make it clean and simple. Your users know where your music is and can download it.

2. Free of charge: for now, 100% of profits are yours (if GCS haven’t changed)

3. Emails: on BC, you can either sell your music or give it for downloading, or leave some tracks for free and some others for purchase.

4. You can even use a PWYW system (Pay What You Want) since BC allows micropayment. Therefore, each time BC sends a free track to a user, you collect its email…

5. Stats: you will know who comes onto your page, who listens to what, at which frequency, for how long and where (on your BC page, FB widget, etc.)

6. Distribution: you will be able to distribute your music differently. It’s also a better alternative to iTunes. Your public is different. You sell what you want, when and where you want, @ your chosen price.

For example:

> You join physical sale and offer “digital” (either the opposite way or together)

> You can go for a special offer treatment (release of an album: CD @ $5, or CD + Dig + T-Shirt @ $10)

> You can use vouchers. I.e.: I bought an Exsonvaldes CD and they gave me a voucher so I could download some tracks from BC. In regard of direct sales on your site (merch, tracks, box sets).

Check out the full article here ~

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