Digital Dance Log: Project Mayhem

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July 3, 2010 by DJ Elroy

The Rocky Mountain high hit the mid 90s this weekend before the storm front swept in with the rain and bad vibes. We should have stayed home…

This could have been an awesome show. Venue? Great! Sound system? Loud and full. Visuals? All the standard fare plus additional 3D light-art. DJs? Not bad. Nothing special but it was a decent line-up of locals (I was booked to spin a few myself) and digital diva Jen Lasher held top honors.

But something was missing.

The crowd!

Where was everyone? We showed up expecting to see at least a few people waiting outside to get in.

No one.

We walked inside, hoping that we weren’t the first ones there.

We were. Well, there were a few people inside setting up, venue staff and techies tweaking the sound and lights. But no people there for the show. Over the next hour a few heads trickled in and sat down in the chairs around the edges of the room, but everyone kept eying the empty dancefloor and looking at each other with a “this is it?” expression.

DJ IsoMetric (Photo by djElroy)

Rex Buchanan tried to crack ice with a solid mix of tech, electro, and dubstep, but nobody much noticed. DJ IsoMetric followed up with a twisted set of dark, techy house and managed to pull the few people there onto the dancefloor for a while. I threw down cuts but just wasn’t feeling it. By now midnight was fast approaching and the light show on the main stage was fired up as DJ Krootz took the wheels. The place had filled a bit and things picked up a little more; the dancers hopped on their blocks to do their thing, the stilt-walker hyped the crowd from above and everyone tried to rally around the DJ booth for what was the best set of the evening. But even that couldn’t save the the show.

Jen Lasher’s set was what you’d expect: hard, bangin’-booty electro house and dubby-pop all rolled up with lots of energy and attitude. But with the dancefloor more sparse than my hairline it just wasn’t the right time for that.

Jen Lasher (Photo by djElroy)

Strange thing is, the people I talked to at the show seemed to be having a blast, and the folks I caught up with afterward told me it was a good time. Pity props? Maybe. But they seemed to have genuinely enjoyed the show.

Maybe it’s the fact that I busted my ass to promote this thing and make it come together but it still wasn’t enough. Maybe it’s because even though I was booked for an early cameo appearance I had more people there than anyone else. Or maybe it has something to do with the way half the primary promotion company didn’t bother to do anything at all to get the word out. And the promoting partners? Apparently no help there either.

Needless to say, we didn’t hang out for the rest of the show. A few more pictures, a few farewells, and we were back in the car headin’ to the ‘burbs.

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