Trevor Vichas: Just In Love EP

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July 5, 2010 by DJ Elroy

I’ve been diggin the Bounce House releases and “Just In Love” is no different — all the mixes are serviceable depending on the sound and mood you’re shooting for. Deep, full house music, a catchy hook and groovin’ vox tie the song together let it roll out the speakers… It’s hard for me to pick a fave on this release; I like different elements of the different tracks. Let’s just say better to buy the EP and have them all to pick from 🙂

Press Release:

Short Bus Kids allow Trevor Vichas the rare honour of a release on their label Bounce House.  The duo’s imprint is usually reserved for their own releases but when something pricks up the ears of DK Watts and Lance Leber they’re more than happy to open their arms.  So Trevor, a long standing member of the USA’s North West house community, joins the likes of C-Soul, Greg Zoi and P-rez for a non-SBK Bounce House workout. Remixes come courtesy of Amit Shoham (Tarantic), 3C (3345 Music) and Short Bus Kids.

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