BeatPortal: Anatomy of a #1 hit

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July 10, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Came across this article on Beatportal a few days back and found it interesting and informative (not like so many of their other advertisements-disguised-as-articles posts)… If only there was a formula for making hits! All the charts, stats, promotion, and marketing won’t work if the music isn’t what it should be. Well, let me rephrase that: You may be able to pop out a hit or two by hustling but you won’t have any staying power without consistency. How relevant will Ke$ha be in 5 years? That said, it’s just as important to have a good understanding and plan of attack for your marketing. After all, you can have the greatest song in the world, but if nobody knows about it do you really win? I’ll leave the music-making up to you but suggest taking notes on the strategies outlined here ~ djElroy

Becoming ‘One’: Anatomy of a #1 hit

A few weeks ago, Jonas Tempel (Beatport Founder/CEO) and I (Beatport COO Matthew Adell) were asked to speak at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, Spain, presented and organized by Ben Turner and Pete Tong. Ben Turner asked that we speak to the evolving trends we see in the world of retail music for DJs.

We decided to use the opportunity to share our view of the digital music space today, explaining what aspiring artists and DJs can do to stand out, and what steps our most successful artists have taken to make it happen.

We want to share the knowledge that we’ve learned over the years, talk about how we see trends developing, and explain in detail how artists are improving their success on Beatport by taking advantage of new opportunities across the internet.

We’ve built a case study that shows actual data on some marketing strategies that were deployed recently on one particularly successful track. The outfit responsible is a relatively big brand, but the tools they used are largely free and available to everyone. Contrary to what many people believe, hitting #1 doesn’t just come down to being featured in a slide on Beatport. We get between 7,000 and 15,000 new releases a week, and we only have about 32 slots to feature content. Now, I’m not knocking Beatport, because we rock, but getting a slide featured on our homepage actually pales in comparison to what you can do for yourself.

Check out the full story here ~

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