Art Patrice: Supersonic

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July 13, 2010 by DJ Elroy

If there’s one thing that can save my Monday it’s finding new treasures in my ‘box — and “Supersonic” is one of those rare gems! The original is my pick; it’s an upbeat driving progressive house cut with everything where it should be. The other two mixes on the album have a different flavor (one deep, one dub) and the total package will have all the bases covered!

Press Release:

Original Mix

For our second release we’ve traveled far far away from Canada and have landed in Croatia with wonderkid of the moment Art Patrice! This original is one part progressive, one part hypnotic rhythm, and one part freakin’ awesome! We look forward to seeing more of Mr. Patrice on Nueva Digital very soon.

Christopher Manik Deep Treatment Remix

When it comes to the deep, techy and talented…we could think of a particular name we’ve been following this last year: Christopher Manik! With releases on Harem & Ovum plus other this past year, we’ve snagged Chris to give our second release his deep treatment. Deep, techy and a dash of funk is the name of the game to this well done remix. Keep an eye out this year for a rare Original EP from Mr. Manik on Nueva Digital!

Rose & Paul’s Faster Than A Speeding Locomotive Remix

Continuing to round out Nueva’s releases are label owners Rose & Paul with their own prog/tech take. This remix takes a good portion of the original but is wholly its own animal, with a deep progressive start to the surprising big room stabs, giving a foretaste of the sound that is Rose & Paul!

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