Chuck Love: How We Get Down

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July 29, 2010 by DJ Elroy

New sweetness from the Love doctor showed up in the ‘box today… Just in time for some weekend house antics! The “Chuck Love Network Rework” is my pick of the EP… Gritty tech-house music, driving synths and an amazing broken-beat breakdown. Put some stank on it!

Press Release:

Love Network’s second release from Chuck Love.  Features remixes by RTHM. Chuck Love Network Bumper ID turns the dancefloor into a grinding, sexy, dirty romp through the tech house playground.  Complete with dirty synths, Chuck Love’s signature Stank-a-phone and a sexy vocal drop, this track will stir up the heat and passion within all the Tech Heads…  Chuck Love Network Rework is the high-energy alternative to Chuck Love Network Bumper ID.

A full force production, delicately balancing grit with funk, Chuck Love unleashes an unabashed fury. Using thick, electric synths, sultry and dubby vocals, he’s created an intimate and sexy production that appeals to all dance music fans…  For the deliciously soulful flavor, look no further then the RTHM Remix.  Take a melodic bump and grind on the techy tip while keeping it chunky and funky.  Precision vocal tweaking with the blip bleep feel makes this a fun ride perfect for getting the party rolling complete with movie-of-the-week style dialog.  The RTHM Busy Bonus Dub keeps the flavorful elements from his remix then adds some more melodica to spice up the cut.  Subtle rises, and even subtler falls, keeps the dub infectious and jumpin’.

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