DJ Mag Top 100: My Picks

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August 4, 2010 by DJ Elroy

It’s that time of the year again: the DJ Mag Top 100 poll! Hooray. I mean it. Yippee. It’s when all of my favorite artists (and many of my not-so-favorite) spam me weekly, daily, hourly, or even more frequently, trying to win a vote.

Will I vote for you if you link to a free mix? Or a free single?

In a way I feel like I’m being bribed. But it’s an even more disappointing feeling to open an email with “Vote For Me!” in the subject line and not get anything. So it’s either bribe me or show me how little I mean by not giving me any incentive at all. It’s a lose/lose for the artist, right?

Well honestly I probably wouldn’t have chosen you anyway. A new mix or a track won’t get you my vote. I appreciate free stuff as much as the next guy, but if I only see free while the polls are open, well, you know where I’m going with this… A gift is only a gift if it’s given without any expectations.

Hell, a serious electronic dance music artist should be poppin’ out free mixes a few times a year anyway, whether they be podcasts, live mixes, guest spots on other shows, or good ol’ fashioned promo mixes.

But enough ranting; it’s time for my Top 5 picks of 2010. Pretty close to last year; I’ve considered the guys I think work the hardest and inspire me the most:

1) Paolo Mojo

2) Hernan Cattaneo

3) Christian Smith

4) Roger Sanchez

5) DJ Steve Porter

Do I think they’ll make the Top 10? No. But they’ve won my support over the years and I’d like to see them get some more recognition.

So who do I think will bag the Top Spots this year? Probably pretty close to last year. Trance. Tiesto, PVD, A&B, maybe AVB. The Swedish house sound is pretty big. Or maybe Laidback Luke? Guetta? Deadmau5? What about the old guard like Sasha or Digweed? New upstarts like Chuckie or Afrojack? It’s not likely we’ll see any dubstep jocks, right? And which US players will make the upper list?

I’d love to hear your predictions and votes.

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