"The Statra Sound"

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September 24, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Statra’s new GM Dan Mullins wastes no time in opening up the labels highly coveted masters vault to pull together what can only be titled THE STATRA SOUND. A diverse & eclectic collection of Statra nuggets that looks as far back into the label’s history as it does into its future! Statra has always been noted for focusing on the timeless and not the “now.” After listening to Dan’s careful selections and Nick Chacona’s heartfelt mixing as he pays homage to the label that pressed his very first 12”s, it’s no wonder why DJs and dance music aficionados near and far are thrilled that the label has reemerged to once again excite and entertain.

The compilation kicks off with the moody armchair electronica of Geche whose remix duties for Statra alumni Chares Webster and Astrid Suryanto have earned him a permanent place on the label’s roster. Of course the Statra sound would not be complete without cuts form Chris J and Denver McCarhty whose subtle take on the Detroit underground has earned them more TV, film and video game spots then any other Statra artists. The same can be said for the cuts contributed by Alexi Delano, Jeff Sharel, Nu Mood Orchestra, J. Axel, Astrid Suryanto, and Chris Lake, all part of the original Statra cast that has helped to create such an incredible catalog of electronic dance music. Label remix appearances by Mateo & Matos, Brendon Moeller, JT Donaldson, and Oliver Deutschmann are just a few among the many noted producers that always gave it up for the label. Sprinkled among the compilation you will also find cuts from the up and coming Statra artists Cassady Locke and Wata Igarashi, and never released signings from Niko Diamantopoulos (Nikke d), and SGNY (Stephen Green). Many of these tracks have floated around in digital purgatory since their original vinyl 12” release, but have been re-mastered and meticulously curated into The Statra Sound – Unreleased, Reissues & B-Sides. A compilation that brings together Statra Recordings’ prestigious past and provides a window into its promising future.

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